A Review Of The Classical Music Pieces And Their Impacts On Society

I was unsure of the impact classical music had on the history of the world at large. It was amazing to learn about different eras and music through this course. We spoke a lot on how each time society was run and what expectations musicians had. These pieces were chosen because of their incredible arrangements and profound social impact.

Josquin’s Kyrie, for his Missa Pange Lingua. It was my favorite piece. This polyphonic song would have been used during Mass in the early medieval period. This music is significant because it marks the beginning of organum and changes in the church’s way of doing things. The idea that secular music could blend with the sacred and appear in churches was a problem for the medieval ecclesial society. They considered the harmonies too distracting from the lyrics and unnecessary for worship. The change was accepted by important religious leaders and gave the music of the church a lighter quality. It also removed the emphasis on serious worship that the church had become accustomed to. This piece stands out for its beauty. It shows how beautiful organum music became, and it is a stark contrast with the repetitive and boring initial chants. Beethoven’s Symphony #5 was another piece I found to be very enjoyable. The piece was originally not my favorite because I had only heard Movement 1 once before, but after hearing Movement 2, it became my favourite. The music’s raw emotion made me re-appreciate Movement 1 after listening to it. He infused the composition with his thoughts, feelings and emotions unlike other composers. Beethoven was a critic of society, and created music that was different from the rest.

These pieces did more than change the way that society saw music at the time. They also changed my perception of music a thousand year later. It was even done by someone who is deaf. Really? I don’t think I could even write something as amazing. I also have hearing in two of my ears. Because I enjoy these pieces, the course really changed how I see music.


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