A Review Of The Movie “Passion Of Christ”

Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson was a disturbing movie. While it was a well-made movie, the possible events that took place are very disturbing. It’s also among the most brutal movies I have ever witnessed. The torture and pain Jesus endured made up more than half the movie. After the torture started, I lost track of the title. I was baffled by the idea of passion. This made me wonder if Jesus enjoyed it. Is this Jesus’ passion? It made sense after Robert Ebert’s review. Robert Ebert clarifies, “Passion is often confused with romance.” In fact, it is the Latin for pain. Later, Christ’s meaning was changed to mean “love for mankind”. It was thus used. The title was pain/suffering Christ. Jesus suffers throughout the film. It could be mental, verbal, or physical pain. He is not only suffering from hatred, torture, and betrayal. This is the most terrible kind of pain I know.

It is difficult to pick a favorite. The entire movie felt like one long, unending scene. Jesus asking for forgiveness of those who caused his death and made it so difficult for him was what stood out for me. The movie shows him asking for forgiveness many times. I am specifically referring to the scene when he hangs from the cross. He is criticized by the leader for not being a Messiah, and he doesn’t even get down from the cross. He reminds Christ about how he claimed he could rebuild their temple in three days and destroy it. He leaves the cross and almost challenges him. Jesus, at that time, still prays to God for forgiveness and confesses that he doesn’t know what he is doing. This scene is important because even though he couldn’t move, he demonstrated how great and powerful he was. Everyone paused as he prayed and most likely thought, “Wait a minute. What?” I find it so amazing that people will kill each other over the smallest things. I also wonder how someone can have such a big heart to risk their life for the sake of his people. He also mentioned that there were soldiers that wanted to be involved in this effort but could not resist. The weather suddenly changes once everyone is gone. The skies get darker and the clouds appear. There is also wind. The music becomes louder. Then it’s over. Although not enough to cause actual harm, the earthquake is sufficient to fulfill the leader’s request. The temple was also torn down and Jesus was taken off the cross at the end. The movie made me feel numb. This movie is also very intense due to its connection with religion. You get what you pay for. If someone is looking to truly understand the story about Jesus Christ, this movie will be a great help. The story was familiar to me before I watched this movie. However, I didn’t know much about it. It was more like, oh my goodness, I was shedding tears as I thought about how cruel people can be.

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