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Leonardo DiCaprio has been praised for his versatility and excellence as an actor. He also shows a passion for the environment. DiCaprio gave a speech that was largely dedicated to environmental issues, more specifically global climate change. DiCaprio delivered a powerful statement to an audience of celebrities and to the general public via national television. DiCaprio’s use of context and seriousness to raise awareness about global warming was highly effective. Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting career is what most people associate him with, whether it be Titanic or The Revenant. But this isn’t his only identity. DiCaprio, who is passionate about environmental protection, created the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation LDF in 1998. His foundation is primarily focused on protecting wildlife, restoring wildlands and empowering communities. On the LDF’s website, you can find explanations about what each area does to support these movements. LDF reports that since 2010, $30 million has gone to 78 large-scale projects in 44 different countries. DiCaprio, in addition to his own foundation and board memberships with the World Wildlife Fund(WWF), Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), National Geographic Pristine Oceans, Ocean 5, and International Fund for Animal Welfare, is an active member. DiCaprio’s commitment doesn’t stop there. He has also been named as the United Nations Messenger of Peace for Climate Change. DiCaprio is active on Twitter and other social media platforms, sharing important environmental messages. DiCaprio also has a large following of fans and followers who are inspired by him and his passion. DiCaprio supports global warming and has an ethos that is similar to this.

DiCaprio also makes a connection with his award-winning movie The Revenant. This was a perfect fit for him. DiCaprio states that his award-winning movie was about the “relationship between man and nature”. The fact that DiCaprio played the lead role in this film gives him credibility.

DiCaprio has a serious tone throughout his entire speech. This shows that he’s not joking around and wants you to pay attention to what he says. DiCaprio uses a serious tone to convey that he does not joke and is serious about what he says. DiCaprio uses bold statements to wake up people, such as: “climate is changing”, “it’s happening now” or “it’s the biggest threat to humanity”. These statements are meant to awaken people and make them face the reality. In his next statement, he recognizes different types as he says, “we should work together…we should support leaders who speak for everyone; for indigenous peoples around the globe, the billions or billions most affected people, for children, grandchildren, and all those whose voices were drowned in politics of greed …”. DiCaprio appeals directly to a variety of groups. Either you yourself fall into this category or someone that you know does. These people are motivated by the fact that a famous person like DiCaprio is speaking out for them. The audience, which includes celebrities who live in luxury, is made to feel guilty by his words. This could be a good way to get the wealthy crowd to donate money.

DiCaprio ends his speech with a few facts to support his claims and logos. He says that 2015 was the warmest year recorded in history, and the crew of the movie had to go to the southmost tip to film. These claims are based on factual information that relates to global warming, as well as his award-winning movie. NOAA, the National Centers for Environmental Information (NOAA), claims that 2015 had the highest global average temperature on land and sea surfaces since 1880. The December global land-ocean surface average temperature was the most extreme ever for any single month during the 136 years of records (NOAA). It is clear that DiCaprio was right and his statement was shocking. Leonardo DiCaprio appealed to the world using ethos, logos, and pathos with his global alarm speech. With his limited time, he relied on his character to influence people. DiCaprio has dedicated himself to the cause of environmental protection and uses his money to help. He also recognizes the different people and their stages of life. He makes factual statements about the seriousness of global warming in our present time. DiCaprio is so brilliant in his speech because he uses the first Oscar he has ever won for “best actress” to address a serious world issue with humility.


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