Symbolism Of Clementine’s Hair Colour In The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind depicts two lovers who become close to each other through multiple means. They attempt to erase eachother from their pasts, but fail to fully erase the affections they share. This is their fragile and futile relationship. The movie depicts their relationship over time, showing parts of their many relationships. Joel’s memories are also erased. Clementine’s hair changes through the movie show how she and Joel have changed over the years.

Clementine’s blue hair starts the movie. This is where Clementine and Gondry meet for the first time in Montauk. This is how Gondry’s relationship with Clementine begins to be reconstructed. The movie slowly reveals that Joel’s first encounter with Clementine is actually the end. It is the moment when their memories are removed. Gondry then adds details to the movie, such as the small dent in Joel’s car. This dent was caused by Clementine during their fallout and removal. The scene is rehashed after Joel’s memories are removed. This is to assist the viewer in understanding the nonlinear narrative Gondry skillfully weaves throughout. After the introduction, the movie’s main part has Joel going back to his childhood with Clementine. Clementine gets orange hair when Joel and Clementine are in the final stages of their relationship. This is seen in major conflicts that occur outside of Joel’s memories. Clementine’s hair becomes orange when she sees Patrick Wertz, and falls out. This is evident in Clementine transitioning from her blue-coloured first hair to her bright orange hair. To help her with Joel’s changing relationship, she further uses the colors of her hair.

Clementine’s hair becomes a brighter red during the film’s final sections. Clementine and Joel are trying to escape their nightmares and erase his memories. This vivid red colour is evident as the story progresses towards its climax. This red hair reflects the renewal of their relationship and their unbreakable connection between reality and their minds. This red colour is used by Joel to preserve the last moments of their battle and to end it. They also use this red colour to recall their childhood memories in an attempt to salvage their relationship. Joel is then transported back to the moment they first met. This green is the beginning of their relationship. Joel can be transported back to the moment when Clementine sings the song to Joel. This is done in order to help viewers unravel the nonlinear narrative of Gondry’s looping and climax.

Michael Gondry’s film, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind shows the stages of Joel’s relationship with Clementine. However, he also uses Clementine’s continually changing hair colour to reveal the nature of their relationship. Gondry uses her blue hair as the starting point to reveal the story. Her hair changes to orange after she has lost her relationships with Joel, Patrick and others. The movie ends with the red ending and the softer green ending. This is the beginning of the film’s main complications.

Gondry is able weave complex stories through constant hair color changes.


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