The Life And Death Of Tupac Shakur

According to Los Angeles Police Department, the case of Tupac’s death remains unsolved. Many believe that Tupac’s death was caused by gang rivalry and rival rappers. Many may believe that Notorious B.I.G. is responsible for the death of Tupac Shakur. Many may believe that Tupac Shakur’s death was caused by their rivalry as rappers, but Orlando Anderson is the real culprit. Anderson had brawls and fought with Shakur outside the casino.

Afeni Shakur, Billy Garland’s son, were the parents of Tupac Shakur. He was born in Brooklyn in 1971 and died in Las Vegas in September 1996. Shakur and his family moved from state-to-state as children before finally settling in Baltimore. He also attended Baltimore School of Arts. This school helped him to develop his academic and creative skills. He felt fulfilled and able to be himself. His mother made him move to Marin City with his sister before he could graduate. The move to Marin City was Shakur’s last. He forgot all about school and he focused on the pursuit of money. His obsession with money led him to become a street vendor, drug dealer, and gang leader. Shakur saw people being murdered while he was in California. His gangsta lifestyle was what inspired him to start rapping and make movies. Some people argue that he would still live in Baltimore today if it wasn’t for his gangsta lifestyle. Others think that he might not have followed the path that was set for him, which would have prevented his rapping career from taking off as well.

Notorious B.I.G met Tupac when he was doing his job at Poetic Justice Los Angeles. It was Biggie’s first major hit song and made him feel the same way that an artist like Tupac felt about his music. They quickly became friends and believed that their friendship would continue forever. Biggie looked to Tupac as advice for how to grow his career. Though he knew Shakur had more experience in the rapping scene, he also knew that Shakur’s friendship would end. They performed together at Madison Square Garden, even freestyling back-and-forth. Pac was also a star in Hollywood and a platinum-selling musician.

Biggie was not progressing in his career at a similar pace to him. Biggie even asked Pac to be his manager. He declined. Pac said to Biggie that he would make him a superstar one day and to keep Pac Puff. When Biggie visited Los Angeles from New York, they spent time at Shakur’s Los Angeles residence. They smoked, listened to music and drank. He was well-known for his movies and his rapping career. Tupac made friends with Jimmy Henchman & Jaques ‘˜Haitianjack’ Agnant. However, Biggie warned Pac against getting involved with men like these. Pac didn’t listen and did what he wanted.

Shakur was walking to New York City’s recording studio when he was attacked, shot, and beaten five times the day after hanging out with Agnant/Henchman. Later, he discovered that Biggie and PuffDaddy were in the building. He believed that Biggie was the one responsible. That was it. The friendship ended and we were left with rivalry.

He went on to perform at more concerts and act in more films after their breakup. He was returning to his hotel room one night when he encountered a fan flirting with him. He invited her to his room. He was convicted of the sexual abuse of the young girl and sentenced to four years and one half in prison. Tupac was still in the sexual abuse trial. He couldn’t afford the plea. Death Row Records offered to pay Tupac’s plea. Shakur signed up for their label so that his career could continue.

After the altercation, Tupac attended Mike Tyson and Bruce Seldon’s boxing match, September 7, 1996, Las Vegas, Nevada. Shakur and the entourage made their way to the MGM Grand Hotel, where they were spotted in the lobby fighting Orlando Anderson. Anderson is a member from the Southside Compton Crips group. Shakur, Marian Knight, and Shakur were heading to Las Vegas’ 662 nightclub in Las Vegas a few hours later.

They were suddenly greeted by a white car in front at Flamingo Road’s traffic light. Then the shots were fired. Twelve bullets were fired. Four bullets struck Shakur, one hit Knight’s head. Tupac Shakur was immediately taken to University of Medical Center for emergency surgery. His chances of surviving the operation were high and he was able to improve his health.

Induced coma was put on him, but he died six days later from internal bleeding. He was revived by doctors, but his mother Afeni Shakur failed to save him.


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