A Review Of The Movie, Pursuit Of Happiness Featuring Will Smith

There are two types of characters in “The Pursuit of Happiness”: those who accept personal responsibility and those that don’t. To accept your personal responsibility, you must adopt a creator mindset. You also need to use a creator language. Some characters in “The Pursuit of Happiness” are able to master self-management while others struggle. You must live in quadrants one through two to master self-management. Also, you should develop self-discipline and self-confidence. But those who are not able to do so can work on their weaknesses.

First, it is important to accept personal responsibility. I believe Chris Gardner, if not any other person, did that. He was able to see the many options available to him and his son to make their lives better. He could do what he wanted and get a job as a stockbroker. They are now able to get back on track and live a happy lifestyle. Chris definitely had an inner critic as well as an inner defender when his wife was killed. His inner critic said that Chris would not be able live a happy and fulfilled life. He was determined to make the best possible of his situation. His inner guide came back saying that he was going to do all he could to help my son. Second, he was self-motivated and had self-control. He was clear about what he needed to accomplish and he would stay focused and persistent. And he did. But he is willing to do whatever it takes and stay wherever it takes him.

He had self-confidence because he was a successful individual and creator. So he and his son can find happiness. He is now a stockbroker at Dean Witter.

The movie was called “The pursuit of happiness” because Chris and his child experienced happiness. But happiness was not the only thing that happened in the film. It was hard at first, as he worked so hard to earn the job. They needed money to eat and settle down. They needed it to have a happy and fulfilled life.

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