Depiction Of John Nash’s Schizophrenia In The Film A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind is a film about John Nash. Nash shows himself to be a brilliant mathematician with a strange personality. He’s antisocial, doesn’t like distractions, is hard-working and dislikes people because of poor social skills. John Nash is a Princeton University student who works hard to develop a game theory concept. Nash’s mental health is affected by his daily dedication and sacrifice. He works under constant stress, and becomes agitated if things do not go as he had expected. As a Princeton professor, Nash works for a private research institution. His psychotic disorders have been going unnoticed since years. Nash experiences constant hallucinations. He has had a fictional roommate since his college years. His hallucinations that he was working at The Pentagon are now an obsession. He married Alicia Larder and they had a boy. He was sent to a mental hospital for treatment when his mental condition worsened, and he began to believe that Russian spies followed him to capture him due to his work. There, he realized that his imaginary spy friend, as well as his secret work, were not real. After his hospitalization, he has marital issues and is unable to care for his child. He decides to stop taking his medication. In order to stop his hallucinations, he asks for help from his wife and attempts to make improvements. This leads him to move back to Princeton and find a position. He has now learned to distinguish between his hallucinations and reality. As such, he is living his life by ignoring the things he believes he sees.

John’s behaviour is very different from his peers at the start of the film. He doesn’t talk to them or engage in a conversation. He feels like he’s in competition with the other mathematicians at Princeton University, so he works long hours in his bedroom to complete his work. He was motivated twice as much by his financial status than any other student because he had a low income. I believe that the stress he experienced caused abnormalities in his brain, which interfered with thinking and perception processes. He also had confused thoughts. Stress can lead to schizophrenia. According to the statement, “A study has shown that severe abnormal behaviors are common”. The poorest and most socially disadvantaged people are more likely to suffer from schizophrenia and other mental disorders.

It was not mentioned in the movie if John’s family members suffered from this condition. So, I think that John developed schizophrenia because he was under constant pressure at work and was very stressed. According to an article by Jurij bon entitled “Variable Causes of Social Dysfunction in Schizophrenia: The Interplay of Neurocognitive Personal, and Intersubjective Factors”, “The Course of Schizophrenia is Far From Following the Same Pattern in Different Individuals.” It can be a sudden onset or gradually develop.


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