The Representation Of Oedipus Complex In Lion King Movie

The Oedipus compound was named by Sigmund Francs after Oedipus the accidental murderer and his mother. Oedipus soon realizes that he is guilty and he cuts his eye. Similar to Oedipus the idea states that young boys become sexually attracted toward their mother’s but feel jealousy and hatred towards father. These negative emotions are caused by their desire to be a mother, but not share the love. However, society regards incest as a horrible attribute and boys need to learn how to stop their sexual desires. Simba seems to be very incestuous about his mother’s love. Simba’s incestuous affection is obvious in the waterhole scene. Simba sings “I just can’t wait to become king”, which is a subtle indication of his tainted love. Although his desire may seem innocent, if one examines further one can see the hidden evil behind it. Simba’s desire for fulfillment can only come to an end when the father of his current king, Mufasa, is either dead or willing to step down. Simba’s excitement about becoming king comes after his father said that everything Mufasa, which includes his mother, is his, and that he would be taking over Pride Rock. Simba’s desire for kingship is his way of showing his desire to succeed his father. Simba’s insistence on visiting the elephant burial ground despite being told to not by Zazu and his dad, can be seen as a bid to win over his mother and to prove his bravery. Simba cannot protect himself and his friends against the hyenas without Mufasa. Simba puts his tiny hand on his father’s larger foot print. The cub is forced to see this image in front of him. He realizes that Mufasa’s paw print is much larger and more powerful than his. This realization doesn’t just deflate Simba, but also forces him to make an important choice: challenge his father or join him. Simba starts the identification process by imitating his father’s attributes. Simba eventually takes on the role of his father, and his mother confuses him with Mufasa in the final scenes of Pride Rock.


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