Aileen Wuornos` Life In The Film ‘Monster’

Understanding the reasons people commit crime is an important part of criminology. There are people who do not commit serious crimes like kidnapping or burglary. Serial murder refers to the killing of multiple victims in a series of separate incidents that span weeks, months or even years. Serial killers do not have the same criminality as anyone else. Many serial killers are classified under one of these general theories. Aileen Wournos, a female serial slayer, is a good example. We can see how criminal behavior can be determined by using both psychological and biological theories.

Monster is based upon the story of Aileen Wuornos (a Florida prostitute who murdered seven men over a twelve-month period). She shot them at point blank range in 1989, 1990. Aileen claimed her victims had been raped or attempted raped while she was a prostitute. She also said that she had killed in self defense. Aileen was tried, convicted, and sentenced to first-degree murder. Her other murders resulted in either “guilty”, “no fight” pleas. Aileen passed away by lethal injection October 2002. Aileen also had a profit typology. Revenge typology means that someone murders in jealousy or resentful. Crime typology means that someone is trying to make a profit by killing someone else. Aileen Wuornos talks about her childhood in the film. It gives us an insight into why and how she became a serial criminal killer. Wuornos was abused and abandoned by her family members and the community. Shelby Wuornos, her girlfriend, recalled the pain and shame she felt growing up in Funderland. Her mother abandoned her and left her to her parents. Her father then committed suicide. She was raised with her grandparents. Wuornos began prostitution in her youth to make a living. She was already abusing drugs and alcohol by the time she was 15. Aileen also spoke out about childhood abuses. Aileen told of her father’s friend’s rape and her dad beat her for it.

Aileen WUORNO’s actions and life can be correlated to several theories about criminal behavior. The psychological theory, as well the biological theory, are theories that Wuornos has been linked to. It is believed that it is related to genetics. Lombroso believed that criminals were born and raised. This implies that criminals are inherited from their parents their criminal behaviour. This psychological theory is what she uses to diagnose anti-social disorder. The anti-social disorders is a long-term mental condition that affects how a person thinks, perceives situations and interacts with others. Borderline personality disorders is a mental illness characterised by unstable emotions and impulsive reactions.

Wuornos and the biological theory can be correlated to show that Wuornos could have had a major role in her behavior. Aileen’s father, who was a verbally and physically abusive alcoholic, was well-known for being sexually abusive. She may have inherited some of her father’s traits, even though she didn’t grow up with him. This may have led to her inheriting the violent and volatile behavior of her father. Wuornos was a volatile and hostile person who murdered seven men. She also had numerous criminal convictions. Wuornos also came from an alcohol-abusing family. Wuornos was seen drinking with her victims right before they were killed or drinking prior to their deaths. This suggests that violent families have a higher likelihood of raising violent children.

Psychological theory suggests Wuornos may have been a serial killer because of her life experiences. Aileen was anti-social because she could not conform to social norms about lawful behavior.

Shelby’s manager told Shelby that Shelby could not smoke in his restaurant. Shelby also yelled at her and pushed over the manager. She also has border personality disorder. Shelby was the first to meet her at the bridge bar. She attempted suicide hours before meeting Shelby. She was unstable and idolized. She was unstable due to her mood swings.

It is possible to learn from serial killers about their lives and how they came to be so violent. Some blame external, social, or psychological factors. But others believe that self-control is the only way to stop it. It is important to have a general theory model. This gives other people insight into criminals’ thoughts and development. Information about criminals is a key component of society’s ability to eradicate crime and create safer societies. Aileen’s death is not justified. However, we can see that her path to her final fate was influenced by psychological and biological disorders.


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