University Subject Profile: Social Policy And Administration

When pursuing a degree in social policy, you will delve into major social and political matters, such as unemployment, inequality, and crime. Some programs also have an international aspect, exploring global influences on current social challenges and analyzing various countries’ responses to problems such as poverty or inequality.

In your course, you will examine theoretical concepts from a range of social sciences, including political science, sociology, economics, psychology, and management. You will learn how to apply these theories to actual social problems. You will also discover how policies are created and gain a foundation in social research methods. In addition, there will be opportunities for you to specialize in particular areas of interest, such as contemporary policing, disability, migration, asylum seeker rights, housing, or drug use.

Regardless of where you study, social policy can be paired with one of the core social science subjects such as economics, criminology, English literature, or history.

Social policy degrees provide you with more space to be inventive than pure politics degrees. You will be urged to find solutions to policy problems instead of merely examining them in a historical context. Your studies will involve lectures, seminars, and independent research, which will develop your ability to work independently and as part of a team. You will assess competing theories and explanations and learn to incorporate evidence into policy-centered discussions.

Entry conditions differ, so it’s ideal to check with each institution to establish their minimum requirements. Most programs necessitate a grade C or above in Math and English GCSE.

Social policy graduates frequently seek careers in the public sector, where they help create policy and manage critical services. You will also be equipped with the qualifications to work in the criminal justice field and charitable organizations that concentrate on social concerns. Additionally, this degree could send you towards careers in media, consultancy, management, or other fields.


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