Controversial Attitudes To Logic – Famous American Rapper

Rap has evolved over the years since it was born in late 1970s. Rap is a popular music genre where rappers recite words over prerecorded instrumentals. Since its inception, the genre has spread to many countries and produced rappers of different cultures. Logic, the rapper that we are talking about, is a product of the United States, but has since spread around the world, creating rappers from all different backgrounds.

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II – also known as Logic – started out very promising. But then, everything changed. Let’s start by addressing the obvious. He tries to be all things to everyone with his lyrics, which are incredibly corny. Rap music has evolved into a more materialistic genre, and many kids have dreams to be successful and live a luxurious lifestyle. In his latest album, he boasts about his wealth and lavish lifestyle. On a second song he says that money isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and you don’t need to be rich to live a fulfilled life. This makes the singer seem very fake.

One of the reasons he receives so much hate is because he raps often about his biracial identity. In a song entitled “Black Spiderman”, he sings “I ain’t ashamed to… be White/I ain’t ashamed to… be Black/I ain’t ashamed of my gorgeous Mexican wife in fact”. Logic always tries to prove that he’s biracial. Bobby Biracial was his new Twitter handle.

Logic too has a naive view of the universe and he also thinks he’s smarter than he truly is. He believes releasing a song can change the whole world, when in fact it’s probably just a scratch on a big problem. This is a naivety that is getting more and more annoying, since he probably is only doing this for his ego. It’s a nice song, but 1-800 is like a frog in a well who looks up to think that the world is all around him. I’ve seen people suffering from depression and it is not something that can be cured with a bad song. Also, it’s hard to believe he is serious with a voice like that.

Don’t be misled, I have some respect for Logic. He is an excellent freestyler. In these modern times, not many rappers are able to freestyle with Logic. It’s a lost skill. He can rap fast, but that doesn’t make him a rapper.

Logic has the right to release his singles or albums. He’s a wonderful person, but a terrible rapper. I could understand his appeal as a musician, but he just doesn’t do it for my taste.


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